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    Pay attention to not only

    regularity Restoring optimal functioning of all the structures in the head area is possible only when long and hard training , when in the course of training there as a direct result of a pleasant muscle fatigue.duration Health and beauty, and therefore youth - is an expression of harmony.Therefore , to start classes, take in its arsenal different methods and techniques of training , as well as a diverse set of exercises.Pay attention to not only the area of ​​the head and face.Give also groomed posture muscles of the arms , chest, back - base support for an array of muscle head and neck.


    While men differed from each other looks, intelligence, physical properties, etc.The men whose immune system is similar to the immune system of women, not attract them because they reminded them of brothers, fathers and other relatives and did not cause any emotion in women, especially the desire to belong to each other..Recipes temptation So what are the essential oils are suitable for seducing men, and what to seduce women? Essential oils only male afrodiziakovymi direction assumed ginger, cypress, thyme, cedar, cinnamon, sandalwood and musk.Essential oils afrodiziakovymi female directions are jasmine, geranium, neroli, rose, ylang-ylang, bitter almonds.

    Perform each exercise

    Intensive phase Well mastered exercise accelerates the tempo: voltage - two seconds, relaxing - one second, at the same time increase the number of repetitions.The third phase In this phase slows the rhythm and reduce the amount of exercise.Tension lasts two seconds, relaxing - one second.Perform each exercise five times in a row three times a week.Ruc.Hamster Exercise 2: "I" This exercise strengthens the lower part of cheeks and oval face shapes.The first phase Saying "I", struggling straining muscles of the cheeks.

    Positive inner attitude

    Positive inner attitude gives you a lot more benefits , charges vitality .Experts say about it , supervising a variety of industries - be it in medicine, sports , psychology, business, family , "etc.In fact , a man with a smooth prosperous mood allows your body to work optimally , as well as discovering the wide bright prospects in dealing with other people , to achieve success in life.Place the task of creating a positive outlook on life .In any even the most difficult situation you can find , based on the basis of universal human values ​​, rational and draw conclusions about the positive life lessons that follow from it .

    Then install

    Easily attach forefingers near corner of the lips (fingers are vertically).Light pulsating movements lead fingers toward the center, like the corners of the lips easily towards each other.Repeat 24 times.Check the in the mirror on the upper lip should not form any folds.Then install the pads of four fingers on the edge of the upper lip, without pressing.Reduce muscle lips light up pulsating movements as if you are trying to push fingers upper lip.Fingers create resistance.Repeat 20 times.Then put four fingers on the lower lip and just try to push your fingers lower lip, cutting it down.

    When going

    When you mouth relaxed and open, you look interested and receptive to the arguments ready to listen to him carefully.Natural lift and affect your mood.When going around the mouth peevishly wrinkles much easier to feel unhappy.Bad mood consciously straining point "shaping the face," and you feel like the mood you instantly improve.Purposely smiling just a minute, you stimulate the pituitary.Upon receiving the signal smile, he responds to this release of endorphins, the happy hormones.

    However, once

    Heredity determines the individual structure, color, turgor, elasticity , moisture , fat content and other qualities of the skin , as well as other tissues and organs of the face , including the skeletal framework is largely determined by the specific shape and size of the face.However, once it is noted that this factor is not dominant .It is merely the starting point for some , with the information , knowledge of which enables conscious approach to the correction of features and provide proper care for looks.Genetic background - this initial information , the raw data to build personal grooming program ! External influences A role in the rate of aging in the face and neck and hands played by external background .

    Counting rate - quiet

    Counting rate - quiet or active .Exercise can be performed : - Language only moving clockwise ; - Language only moving counterclockwise ; - Alternating movement - a circle clockwise , counterclockwise circle .S5 "The Hours" V / t - " and " - omit n .h down , lips are closed ; O / T - "one" - move a language to the left, stretch them on the left cheek ; 2 .O / T - "two" - move a language to the right; due to the " three -...eight times ..." - continue tongue movement from left to right ; 3 / t - " eight " - to close the jaw.C6 " Teaser " 1 / t - "one-two " - pull the tongue forward to the limit , protisnuv through his closed lips ; 2 / t - " three or four " - to draw tongue back , letting the tip of the sky.

    Then get your hands

    Leave wax on nails for 25-30 minutes, then remove the wax by hooking the edge of the nail.Apply a nourishing cream.Paraffin hand with beeswax 100 g cosmetic paraffin, beeswax 10 g, 40 ml of vegetable (olive) oil.Cooking.Melt in a water bath and paraffin wax mixed with oil.Application.Hands clean mask or scrub, apply a nourishing cream.Lower the brush into the container with paraffin and hold a few seconds.Then get your hands on 10 and again immersed in a bath.Repeat the procedure several times until the hands are formed a thick layer of wax.

    Since movement, breathe, lowering

    Again, lift your head, drop it on his chest and rolled onto his right shoulder and then do it again.Make exercise 4 times 2 times on the left shoulder to the right 2 times.Since movement, breathe, lowering his head - exhale.Straightening the chest, put your hands on the edge of the shoulder and pressing on his shoulders, as much as possible pull the neck up.Shoulders should not be raised.Take a breath, count to 10, then - exhale and relax completely.Repeat 5-6 times.Lean your elbows on the table and put his chin on hands folded on one another.

    The resulting total

    If you will drop a few drops of oil in afrodiziakovogo aromakuritelnitsu, then hitting the nose, aromatic substances molecules begin to interact with the olfactory receptors and thus will trigger a nerve impulse that repeated efforts by pulses from neighboring receptors.The resulting total momentum the olfactory nerve enters the central nervous system, where first analyzed memory center.It was at this moment and we have an emotional reaction caused by their own associations with a particular smell.Then begins the work of the brain with the whole organism.

    Opening Eyes Stretches

    Activated: circular muscle of the eye, muscle of the lower eyelid, temporal muscle.If the nose is a little wrinkled Formation person Smoothes the wings of the nose to the sides.Pulled tight with the sides of the nose cheeks.Reduces the nasolabial furrow.Activated: frontal muscle, neck, all ear muscles external pterygoid, cheek muscles, muscle laughter muscle, lowers the angle of the mouth, circular muscle of the mouth, muscles that drive bottom lip mentalis, mylohyoid muscle.Opening Eyes Stretches nose.Raises eyebrows.Smoothes nose.Activated: muscle and wrinkled forehead, upper arm century circular muscle of the upper lip, nasal muscle.

    Putting hands to the skin

    Putting hands to the skin surface , lightly push inland, toward the bone basis, stopping at each section of the skin after each movement .Quietly walk around several times all over the face , and the front surface of the neck and chest, which remains open in a cutout dress .In the forehead , cheeks, lips, chin permissible movement as pressure deep into the skin and motion Tapping .Vklepyvayte cream in these areas, lightly tapping gently patting the fingers of both hands.Apply cream and eye area , especially applying the fingertips gently and slightly pushes deeper into the skin.

    In 332 BC. e. Tyre

    Fingers to his lips

    Repeat 10 times.Open your mouth and outstretched lips chmoknu lips.Repeat 10 times.Rub the bottom of the upper lip, shifting the lower jaw to the right to the left.Gently pat lips.Repeat 10 times.Retract the lips inside and force compressed open mouth.Repeat 10 times.Fingers to his lips push, pull his lips, as if you want to whistle.After each stress - relaxation.Repeat 10 times.Forefingers push the corners of her mouth and keep pulling and relax lips.


    By themselves they are not hygroscopic substance, but in combination with other humectants significantly increase their effect.Moisturizers are universal.They need to oily and dry, aging skin, and especially since not only make up for the loss of moisture, but also added to the deeper layers of skin vitamins, fats, dietary components and other necessary substances to skin cells.Thanks to its emollient action they stimulate blood circulation, which accelerates the process of cell rejuvenation.Moisturizer is recommended for daily use, morning and evening.For normal skin moisturizer fat suit water light consistency.For dry skin, you will need more water tight fat moisturizer that is usually thicker and contains more fat.

    Certainly, most

    However, before you start to take the course of this massage, be sure to consult a specialist and find out, will not hurt you like this procedure more than bring benefits.Electromyostimulation Electromyostimulation based on the physiological mechanism, causes the muscles to respond to stimulation, which is manifested in its reduction.Certainly, most readers remember the lessons of anatomy that cause muscles to contract electrical impulses coming from the brain by nerve cells.The process we are considering a cosmetic procedure copies the physiological process of muscle contraction, with the only difference that comes not from the irritation of the nervous system, and by a special device called electromyostimulator.

    V / t - "once - four ..." - raise hand through direct hands up and join the fingers to the castle ( palms facing down) , the body relies on the chair ; O / T - " ...times - two " - keeping the position of the torso and arms raised , head tilted forward, trying to touch the chest; 2 .O / T - " three or four ..." - continuing to maintain position of the body and arms, put his head in the maximum tilt back .Key strokes repeat until you feel the tide of heat in the face .3 / t - "once - four ..." - slowly take the starting position.

    Well, as we have

    Also not the best way affects the skin of the lack of vitamins and trace elements.And even if the person will receive the necessary dose of vitamins from food, skin care will get mere crumbs.Well, as we have said, the appearance of the skin is largely influenced by our facial expressions.Some women found out about it, try not to express any emotion on his face.They even try to smile less, to avoid the appearance of "crow's feet" around the eyes.Do not try to follow their example! Laugh, smile as often as possible! After all, a smile and a laugh to help us deal with stress, which harms the skin much more.And keep your face young and healthy will help us right care, gymnastics, massage and hydrotherapy.

    Stick him on the forehead

    Get rid of the habit to wrinkle the forehead help ordinary plaster.Stick him on the forehead before going to bed.Repeat this procedure four nights in a row.Brow smoothed, and the habit of frown and wrinkle his brow will be over.5 Cosmetic skin care Skin care is not possible without a thorough cleansing the face of dirt and dead skin cells.Clean the face in the morning and evening, or more often if you have oily skin or if you are involved in sports or exposed to polluting the environment.

    When eyestrain

    It improves vision, gives rest to your eyes, it should be done several times a day, especially those who constantly makes the specificity of eyestrain.When eyestrain This set of exercises for the eyes.Gymnastics spend 2-3 times a day, after the gym, it is desirable to use a lotion of tincture of arnica (1/4 cup water 10-15 drops of tincture), warm chamomile, dill or parsley broth.From time to time to carefully scrutinize what some point in the distance (it is desirable to look at the green), and then quickly turn your sights on the object which is near.

    At those places

    Next Reception - effleurage.It is produced by abrupt but gentle strokes.Fingers should touch the massaged area, not all at once, but one after the other - you will get a kind of finger shower.And another welcome massage - he vibratsiya.Vypolnyaetsya rapid jerky movements springing.Vibration can be created using both the fingertips and the entire palm.At those places to which you can reach, you can do yourself a self-massage.Especially effective self-massage massage brush or sponge in the shower or after a shower, when your skin is clean and heated and you moisturize the body milk or anti-cellulite creams.

    Say to yourself

    Say to yourself often, what kind of you , the one and only man, created by nature for a reasonable and joyful life .individuality For successful implementation of personal exercise program is very important systemic effects .When building complex individual need to pick up a certain exercise and streamline their application .Fold exercises consistent system , schedule a scheme of work : what to do in what order and how many times to repeat the motion , how much exercise per workout approaches , etc.systematic Only regular exercise will provide you with the necessary development of the musculoskeletal system of the head zone and lead to a gradual qualitative changes in the tissues of the face and skin in particular.

    Application. Apply

    Lemon Scientists

    The aroma of this plant helps to concentrate.Therefore, American psychologists recommend that those people whose work is generally followed the computer, put next to my desk with a pot of mint bush or vase with this plant.Besides the smell of peppermint has on the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, improves appetite.Lemon Scientists have shown that healing power have not only the fruits of lemon, but their fragrant leaves.They emit about 80 nutrients that have such a strong bactericidal effect that the premises where there is a lemon, the air is practically sterile.Lemon fragrance leaves increases efficiency, eliminates drowsiness, enhances visual acuity.

    Option 2 Ring

    To the highest point on the axis of the forehead, under the very roots of the hair, apply the middle finger of his left hand.Option 2 Ring finger of the right hand put on his left eyebrow, and index - to the point right.Over the bridge put the ring finger of the left hand, on top of the center point of the forehead - the index.No matter what you choose to capture, very gently press the tip of your finger up and pulsating rhythm slightly in different directions, in the direction of the hair roots.Do this for two minutes.If you are at the same time you pull back the ear to the back muscle, the effect will be doubled and you smooth out the forehead to the temples.

    Wear soft warm

    Application.Take a bath for 30 minutes, wipe a soft towel.Wear soft warm bathrobe.Bath with essential oils of cellulite (1st version) 5 drops of essential oil of pine, 4 drops of lemon essential oil, 3 drops of essential oils of juniper, grapefruit.Cooking.Fill the bath, add the essential oils.Application.Take a bath for 30 minutes, wipe a soft towel.Wear soft warm bathrobe.Bath with essential oils of cellulite (2nd version) 5 drops of essential oil of bergamot, 4 drops of rosemary essential oil, 3 drops of essential oils of orange, tangerine.

    A spoonful

    Good relieves spasms choleretic chamomile oil ducts: 3 drops of oil to 1 part of honey 3 times a day.Also has a choleretic effect of lavender oil 3 drops of oil to 1 dec.a spoonful of honey, take 30-40 minutes before eating 2 times a day.If cholelithiasis is often used lemon oil: 2 drops of oil and 1 tbsp.a spoonful of honey diluted in a glass of warm water, take 40 minutes before meals 3 times a day.Orange oil is a unique cholagogue: 3 drops in a glass of apple juice, taken 1 hour before meals three times a day.Incenses.To fight this disease will be easier if you apply lavender oil, rosemary, helichrysum, marjoram, cinnamon or cloves.

    Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Wash


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