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    However, once Heredity determines the individual structure, color, turgor, elasticity , moisture , fat content and other qualities of the skin , as well as other tissues and organs of the face , including the skeletal framework is largely determined by the specific shape and size of the face.

    However, once it is noted that this factor is not dominant .

    It is merely the starting point for some , with the information , knowledge of which enables conscious approach to the correction of features and provide proper care for looks.

    Genetic background - this initial information , the raw data to build personal grooming program ! External influences A role in the rate of aging in the face and neck and hands played by external background .

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    Counting rate - quiet

    Counting rate - quiet Counting rate - quiet or active .

    Exercise can be performed : - Language only moving clockwise ; - Language only moving counterclockwise ; - Alternating movement - a circle clockwise , counterclockwise circle .

    S5 "The Hours" V / t - " and " - omit n .

    h down , lips are closed ; O / T - "one" - move a language to the left, stretch them on the left cheek ; 2 .

    O / T - "two" - move a language to the right; due to the " three -.



    eight times .



    " - continue tongue movement from left to right ; 3 / t - " eight " - to close the jaw.

    C6 " Teaser " 1 / t - "one-two " - pull the tongue forward to the limit , protisnuv through his closed lips ; 2 / t - " three or four " - to draw tongue back , letting the tip of the sky.

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    Then get your hands

    Then get your hands Leave wax on nails for 25-30 minutes, then remove the wax by hooking the edge of the nail.

    Apply a nourishing cream.

    Paraffin hand with beeswax 100 g cosmetic paraffin, beeswax 10 g, 40 ml of vegetable (olive) oil.


    Melt in a water bath and paraffin wax mixed with oil.


    Hands clean mask or scrub, apply a nourishing cream.

    Lower the brush into the container with paraffin and hold a few seconds.

    Then get your hands on 10 and again immersed in a bath.

    Repeat the procedure several times until the hands are formed a thick layer of wax.

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    Since movement, breathe, lowering

    Since movement, breathe, lowering Again, lift your head, drop it on his chest and rolled onto his right shoulder and then do it again.

    Make exercise 4 times 2 times on the left shoulder to the right 2 times.

    Since movement, breathe, lowering his head - exhale.

    Straightening the chest, put your hands on the edge of the shoulder and pressing on his shoulders, as much as possible pull the neck up.

    Shoulders should not be raised.

    Take a breath, count to 10, then - exhale and relax completely.

    Repeat 5-6 times.

    Lean your elbows on the table and put his chin on hands folded on one another.

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    The resulting total

    The resulting total If you will drop a few drops of oil in afrodiziakovogo aromakuritelnitsu, then hitting the nose, aromatic substances molecules begin to interact with the olfactory receptors and thus will trigger a nerve impulse that repeated efforts by pulses from neighboring receptors.

    The resulting total momentum the olfactory nerve enters the central nervous system, where first analyzed memory center.

    It was at this moment and we have an emotional reaction caused by their own associations with a particular smell.

    Then begins the work of the brain with the whole organism.

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    Opening Eyes Stretches

    Opening Eyes Stretches Activated: circular muscle of the eye, muscle of the lower eyelid, temporal muscle.

    If the nose is a little wrinkled Formation person Smoothes the wings of the nose to the sides.

    Pulled tight with the sides of the nose cheeks.

    Reduces the nasolabial furrow.

    Activated: frontal muscle, neck, all ear muscles external pterygoid, cheek muscles, muscle laughter muscle, lowers the angle of the mouth, circular muscle of the mouth, muscles that drive bottom lip mentalis, mylohyoid muscle.

    Opening Eyes Stretches nose.

    Raises eyebrows.

    Smoothes nose.

    Activated: muscle and wrinkled forehead, upper arm century circular muscle of the upper lip, nasal muscle.

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