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  • Moisturizer

    Moisturizer By themselves they are not hygroscopic substance, but in combination with other humectants significantly increase their effect.

    Moisturizers are universal.

    They need to oily and dry, aging skin, and especially since not only make up for the loss of moisture, but also added to the deeper layers of skin vitamins, fats, dietary components and other necessary substances to skin cells.

    Thanks to its emollient action they stimulate blood circulation, which accelerates the process of cell rejuvenation.

    Moisturizer is recommended for daily use, morning and evening.

    For normal skin moisturizer fat suit water light consistency.

    For dry skin, you will need more water tight fat moisturizer that is usually thicker and contains more fat.

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    Certainly, most

    Certainly, most However, before you start to take the course of this massage, be sure to consult a specialist and find out, will not hurt you like this procedure more than bring benefits.

    Electromyostimulation Electromyostimulation based on the physiological mechanism, causes the muscles to respond to stimulation, which is manifested in its reduction.

    Certainly, most readers remember the lessons of anatomy that cause muscles to contract electrical impulses coming from the brain by nerve cells.

    The process we are considering a cosmetic procedure copies the physiological process of muscle contraction, with the only difference that comes not from the irritation of the nervous system, and by a special device called electromyostimulator.

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    V / t - "once V / t - "once - four .



    " - raise hand through direct hands up and join the fingers to the castle ( palms facing down) , the body relies on the chair ; O / T - " .



    times - two " - keeping the position of the torso and arms raised , head tilted forward, trying to touch the chest; 2 .

    O / T - " three or four .



    " - continuing to maintain position of the body and arms, put his head in the maximum tilt back .

    Key strokes repeat until you feel the tide of heat in the face .

    3 / t - "once - four .



    " - slowly take the starting position.

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    Well, as we have

    Well, as we have Also not the best way affects the skin of the lack of vitamins and trace elements.

    And even if the person will receive the necessary dose of vitamins from food, skin care will get mere crumbs.

    Well, as we have said, the appearance of the skin is largely influenced by our facial expressions.

    Some women found out about it, try not to express any emotion on his face.

    They even try to smile less, to avoid the appearance of "crow's feet" around the eyes.

    Do not try to follow their example! Laugh, smile as often as possible! After all, a smile and a laugh to help us deal with stress, which harms the skin much more.

    And keep your face young and healthy will help us right care, gymnastics, massage and hydrotherapy.

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    Stick him on the forehead

    Stick him on the forehead Get rid of the habit to wrinkle the forehead help ordinary plaster.

    Stick him on the forehead before going to bed.

    Repeat this procedure four nights in a row.

    Brow smoothed, and the habit of frown and wrinkle his brow will be over.

    5 Cosmetic skin care Skin care is not possible without a thorough cleansing the face of dirt and dead skin cells.

    Clean the face in the morning and evening, or more often if you have oily skin or if you are involved in sports or exposed to polluting the environment.

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