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  • The resulting total

    The resulting total If you will drop a few drops of oil in afrodiziakovogo aromakuritelnitsu, then hitting the nose, aromatic substances molecules begin to interact with the olfactory receptors and thus will trigger a nerve impulse that repeated efforts by pulses from neighboring receptors.

    The resulting total momentum the olfactory nerve enters the central nervous system, where first analyzed memory center.

    It was at this moment and we have an emotional reaction caused by their own associations with a particular smell.

    Then begins the work of the brain with the whole organism.

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    Opening Eyes Stretches

    Opening Eyes Stretches Activated: circular muscle of the eye, muscle of the lower eyelid, temporal muscle.

    If the nose is a little wrinkled Formation person Smoothes the wings of the nose to the sides.

    Pulled tight with the sides of the nose cheeks.

    Reduces the nasolabial furrow.

    Activated: frontal muscle, neck, all ear muscles external pterygoid, cheek muscles, muscle laughter muscle, lowers the angle of the mouth, circular muscle of the mouth, muscles that drive bottom lip mentalis, mylohyoid muscle.

    Opening Eyes Stretches nose.

    Raises eyebrows.

    Smoothes nose.

    Activated: muscle and wrinkled forehead, upper arm century circular muscle of the upper lip, nasal muscle.

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    Putting hands to the skin

    Putting hands to the skin Putting hands to the skin surface , lightly push inland, toward the bone basis, stopping at each section of the skin after each movement .

    Quietly walk around several times all over the face , and the front surface of the neck and chest, which remains open in a cutout dress .

    In the forehead , cheeks, lips, chin permissible movement as pressure deep into the skin and motion Tapping .

    Vklepyvayte cream in these areas, lightly tapping gently patting the fingers of both hands.

    Apply cream and eye area , especially applying the fingertips gently and slightly pushes deeper into the skin.

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    In 332 BC. e. Tyre

    In 332 BC. e. Tyre In those days, there was, in modern terms, the category of prestige on certain goods.

    So spices imported from India and Ceylon, were more prestigious of the same goods from Asia Minor and the Mediterranean.

    Caravans with spices coming from the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea through Arabia, and the Tigris and Euphrates, flocked to the Phoenician city of Tyre on the eastern Mediterranean coast, hence their exported by sea in all other towns of the Mediterranean.

    In 332 BC.


    Tyre was captured by the troops of Alexander the Great.

    After that, the spice trade center moved to Carthage and then in the middle of the II century BC.


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    Fingers to his lips

    Fingers to his lips Repeat 10 times.

    Open your mouth and outstretched lips chmoknu lips.

    Repeat 10 times.

    Rub the bottom of the upper lip, shifting the lower jaw to the right to the left.

    Gently pat lips.

    Repeat 10 times.

    Retract the lips inside and force compressed open mouth.

    Repeat 10 times.

    Fingers to his lips push, pull his lips, as if you want to whistle.

    After each stress - relaxation.

    Repeat 10 times.

    Forefingers push the corners of her mouth and keep pulling and relax lips.

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