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  • Counting rate - quiet

    Counting rate - quiet Counting rate - quiet or active .

    Exercise can be performed : - Language only moving clockwise ; - Language only moving counterclockwise ; - Alternating movement - a circle clockwise , counterclockwise circle .

    S5 "The Hours" V / t - " and " - omit n .

    h down , lips are closed ; O / T - "one" - move a language to the left, stretch them on the left cheek ; 2 .

    O / T - "two" - move a language to the right; due to the " three -.



    eight times .



    " - continue tongue movement from left to right ; 3 / t - " eight " - to close the jaw.

    C6 " Teaser " 1 / t - "one-two " - pull the tongue forward to the limit , protisnuv through his closed lips ; 2 / t - " three or four " - to draw tongue back , letting the tip of the sky.


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