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  • Pay attention to not only

    Pay attention to not only regularity Restoring optimal functioning of all the structures in the head area is possible only when long and hard training , when in the course of training there as a direct result of a pleasant muscle fatigue.

    duration Health and beauty, and therefore youth - is an expression of harmony.

    Therefore , to start classes, take in its arsenal different methods and techniques of training , as well as a diverse set of exercises.

    Pay attention to not only the area of ​​the head and face.

    Give also groomed posture muscles of the arms , chest, back - base support for an array of muscle head and neck.

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    Recipes While men differed from each other looks, intelligence, physical properties, etc.

    The men whose immune system is similar to the immune system of women, not attract them because they reminded them of brothers, fathers and other relatives and did not cause any emotion in women, especially the desire to belong to each other.


    Recipes temptation So what are the essential oils are suitable for seducing men, and what to seduce women? Essential oils only male afrodiziakovymi direction assumed ginger, cypress, thyme, cedar, cinnamon, sandalwood and musk.

    Essential oils afrodiziakovymi female directions are jasmine, geranium, neroli, rose, ylang-ylang, bitter almonds.

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    Perform each exercise

    Perform each exercise Intensive phase Well mastered exercise accelerates the tempo: voltage - two seconds, relaxing - one second, at the same time increase the number of repetitions.

    The third phase In this phase slows the rhythm and reduce the amount of exercise.

    Tension lasts two seconds, relaxing - one second.

    Perform each exercise five times in a row three times a week.


    Hamster Exercise 2: "I" This exercise strengthens the lower part of cheeks and oval face shapes.

    The first phase Saying "I", struggling straining muscles of the cheeks.

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    Positive inner attitude

    Positive inner attitude Positive inner attitude gives you a lot more benefits , charges vitality .

    Experts say about it , supervising a variety of industries - be it in medicine, sports , psychology, business, family , "etc.

    In fact , a man with a smooth prosperous mood allows your body to work optimally , as well as discovering the wide bright prospects in dealing with other people , to achieve success in life.

    Place the task of creating a positive outlook on life .

    In any even the most difficult situation you can find , based on the basis of universal human values ​​, rational and draw conclusions about the positive life lessons that follow from it .

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    Then install

    Then install Easily attach forefingers near corner of the lips (fingers are vertically).

    Light pulsating movements lead fingers toward the center, like the corners of the lips easily towards each other.

    Repeat 24 times.

    Check the in the mirror on the upper lip should not form any folds.

    Then install the pads of four fingers on the edge of the upper lip, without pressing.

    Reduce muscle lips light up pulsating movements as if you are trying to push fingers upper lip.

    Fingers create resistance.

    Repeat 20 times.

    Then put four fingers on the lower lip and just try to push your fingers lower lip, cutting it down.

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  • Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Wash
  • Application. Apply
  • Positive inner attitude
  • Since movement, breathe, lowering
  • Fingers to his lips
  • Lemon Scientists
  • A spoonful
  • Perform each exercise
  • Moisturizer
  • Option 2 Ring
  • Tegs

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